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Constant disapproved Credit applications – Remove Judgment information NOW!


  • Have you been declined that dream house you dearly wanted?
  • Have you been declined that beautiful car you had your eye on for the last year?
  • Have you been declined a loan facility to pay for school fees because of your adverse information held by the credit bureau?
  • Have you been turned downed that awesome job opportunity because of your adverse information held by the credit bureau?
  • Constantly declined loans and credit applications?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, MAS Financial Services can help turn that dream house, car, job or loan facility into a reality.

Having a bad credit report is a familiar experience for many South Africans. Often credit checks bring up long-forgotten bad credit decisions which the credit bureau never forgets, so your bad credit report follows you everywhere. But that low credit rating can change. We can help with credit clearance and offer you a way to get a credit report to be proud of. MAS Financial Services can help you erase ITC and credit bureau listings, as well as assist with loans, no matter how bad you feel your credit rating is.

Legal ITC Clearance and Credit Clearance

Addressing your credit rating or credit clearance is the first step to getting ITC clearance and tackling a bad credit history head-on. There is a few simple steps to making your ITC listing a thing of the past; the idea was merely to get you to pay for your defaulted loan or other credit facility, not to prevent you ever again getting a good credit rating.With our help you CAN access loan and credit facilities again.

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